Osco Community Church Building Use Rules and Regulations
Osco Community Church is available for use with reservations.  To reserve, contact the church office at (309) 522-5561 and complete the Building Use Request Form and read and sign the OCC Building Use Rules and Regulations sheet.

If granted permission to use this property as specified, we pledge ourselves to observe strictly the following rules and regulations as set forth by the elder board of OCC:
  1. The contact person must be at least 21 years of age and is required to be present during the entirety of the event. 
  2. The contact person has the responsibility for the conduct of all persons attending the event.
  3. The contact person/organization requesting the use of church facilities hereby absolves the church, its pastors, leadership, members, or people of any liability for personal injury to any individual resulting from the use of the church facilities.
  4. An organization using the church facilities must provide proof of liability insurance (we recommend $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate policy).
  5. The contact person/organization will be responsible for accidents, articles stolen, broken, lost, or destroyed, and any damages to the church building or any unusual expenses which occur because of use.  Please report any damage to the church office promptly.  
  6. The contact person/organization is responsible for setting up and cleaning up their meetings including vacuuming the floors, wiping off tables and counters, checking bathrooms, flushing toilets, turning out lights, shutting windows, and checking all outside doors to make sure they are locked.  All tables, chairs and other equipment shall be returned to their proper places after the event.  All rooms used shall be returned to their normal set up. 
  7. If using the kitchen, please wash and dry all dishes used and return them to the correct cupboard.  Take all extra food and beverage with you unless specific plans for usage have been made.  Wipe counters and leave kitchen clean and ready for the next use. 
  8. Trash created from use during event must be properly disposed of by the contact person/organization.  It should be put in garbage cans, tied, and placed in the dumpster outside the kitchen.
  9. There is no smoking or use of alcoholic beverages in our facility.
  10. Use of glitter in decorating or craft projects is not permitted. 
  11. Attachment or taping of any object to walls, ceiling, windows, or doors is not permitted.
  12. There will be no charge for building use if the contact person is a member of OCC, does not need to use the sanctuary, brings and uses their own paper products, and cleans up after themselves. 
  13. For non-members, a user fee of $50 per event is required for use of non-sanctuary rooms with an additional $125 deposit (separate check) which is refundable after post-event inspection is passed.  The user fee and deposit are due 7 days prior to use date. 
  14. For use of the sanctuary, special arrangements will need to be made with the church staff.  Additional compensation will be required for the time of trained individuals to run the sound/lights and for any rearrangements that will need to be made in the sanctuary/foyer area.  Food or beverages (except for water) are not permitted in the sanctuary.    
  15. Plowing and snow removal will be at the discretion of the pastoral staff.  Cost for these services will be the responsibility of the contact person/organization. 
  16. Weddings and funerals will be at the discretion of the pastoral staff, including fees.     
  17. Those attending the event shall only use reserved rooms and not enter unauthorized areas such as the church offices or use any equipment in unauthorized areas except for emergency purposes only.