John Foss, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries
work: 309-522-5561

John grew up in Walnut, IL and became a follower of Christ when he was 16-years-old. His education includes an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Sauk Valley Community College, a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, and a Master’s in Local Church Ministry from Grace Theological Seminary.

During his graduate studies, he met his wife Marissa while attending a Bible study at their church near the college/seminary. They’ve been married since September of 2018 and are joyful to tackle life’s challenges together.

Considering himself a jack-of-all-trades, John’s hobbies include board games, video games, reading books, walking outside, playing disc golf, and jigsaw puzzles. When watching sports, he roots for the Bears (football), Steelers (football), Fighting Illini (basketball), and Jordan Speith (golf).

John’s hope for the church is to continue in an understanding of God’s Word and acts of grace as God’s people. He oversees all ministries related to children and youth in the church, and regularly teaches classes for children and youth throughout the week during various programs and occasionally teaching classes for adults. He also serves on the church’s elder board which is responsible for the overall leadership and shepherding of the church body.