This Month's Spotlight

Amy Kayser by Makenzie Johnston

Amy Kayser lives in Orion with her husband, Aaron, and two chidren, Eli and Abi. She volunteers in Music Ministry, Women’s Bible Sudy, Young Adults Sunday School, Awana, and the Awana Parenting Class. She likes volunteering because it’s exciting to see other’s get excited about Jesus. 

Amy’s favorite color is purple, favorite movie is “The Last of the Mohicans”, favorite book is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, and favorite food is pizza. She grew up wanting to be an English Professor, and is currently a track coach, substitute teacher, and a mom. Her hobbies include walking, lifting weights, and baking (especially pies). Her favorite place to visit is the outer banks in North Carolina.

Her parents brought Amy up to know Christ, and she accepted Him into her life in preschool. The most important thing she wants people to know about her is that she is nothing without Jesus, and she’s trying to follow Him.

Aaron Kayser by Kai Johnston

Aaron Kayser has been coming to Osco church for fifteen, almost sixteen years. He lives in Orion, Illinois. Aaron volunteers as a teacher, with Awana, and as a Pastor Prayer Partner. He became a Christian by being a counselor at Camp Timberlee. 

Aaron’s hobbies are writing, watching and playing sports, and watching movies. His favorite sports teams are the St. Louise Cardinals and the Detroit Lions. Aarons favorite movie is Batman, The Dark Night. His favorite books are the Circle Trilogy. His favorite food is shish kabobs. Aaron, and his wife, Amy, have two kids named Eli and Abi.


Previous Volunteer Spotlights

Kelly Akers by Kai Johnston

Kelly Akers and her family have been coming to Osco now for eight years. She has volunteered for seven years. Kelly volunteers as a Sunday school teacher, youth group activities, and VBS. She volunteers because she feels called. Kelly has been a Christian since she was ten years old.

Kelly’s favorite color is green her favorite food are tacos, her favorite sport is volleyball. Kelly and her husband, Tom, have been married for twenty-one years and have four children. Her favorite past time is reading.


Tobi Henschel by Makenzie Johnston

Tobi Henschel lives in the tiny town of Osco with her husband, Paul, and three sons, Caleb, David, and Luke. She volunteers in Sunday School, Awana, Women’s ministry, general support of Paul, and is the Children’s ministry coordinator. Children’s ministry is a passion of hers. Women’s ministry hasn’t always been a passion, but she was asked and wanted to do it. Her favorite part about volunteering is getting to know the people around her better.

Tobi accepted Christ at a young age when a guest speaker visited her church’s youth group. The speaker asked who had asked Jesus into their heart. She was curious and wanted to know more. 

Tobi’s favorite type of movie is superhero/action, her favorite food is ice cream, and her favorite place to visit is St. Louis. Her hobbies include reading, playing board games, and being silly with her sons.


TOM AKERS by Kai Johnston

Tom Akers and his family have been coming to Osco for seven or eight years now. He chose Osco because of the opportunity there. Tom and his wife, Kelly, have volunteered since they came. Tom volunteers as a Sunday school teacher, church van driver, youth group leader, and with VBS. He volunteers because he loves Jesus and its fun.

Tom and his wife have been married for twenty-one years and the live in Cambridge. They have four kids. His favorite food is every kind. His favorite colors are pastels. He is into music, and his favorite past time is writing. Tom’s favorite sport is baseball, and his favorite team is the Atlanta Braves.

MICHELLE BETCHER by Makenzie Johnston

Michelle Betcher has been attending Osco Community Church since fifth grade. She volunteers in Awana, handles the Osco Church’s finances, is the Missions Secretary, and takes attendance every Sunday morning. Besides enjoying Math and watching children change and grow, she knows that God led her to these areas. Her favorite part about serving is seeing the kids in Awana get excited about finishing a section.

Michelle lives in Cambridge. She is a Human Resource Specialist. One of her hobbies is collecting Holly Hobby dolls. Her favorite color is blue, favorite singer is Michael W. Smith, and favorite book series is Little House on the Prairie. Michelle was led to the Lord by her brother and sister, and her favorite food is shrimp.

ELMA "MOOCH" GAY by Kai Johnston

Mooch Gay has been going to Osco church now for seven and a half years. Mooch volunteers in teaching Sunday School, Awana, and helping in the kitchen, and has been volunteering for as long as she has been here at Osco. What she remembers most about volunteering is how important it is. She will keep volunteering for as long as she can. Mooch and her husband, Dennis, have been married for forty-two years and live in Andover, Illinois. Mooch has two daughters. One lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, the other lives in Andover, Illinois. She has eight grandchildren, six boys and two girls. Some of her favorite things to do include, swimming, biking, reading, and traveling.


HEIDI HOSTE by Kai Johnston

Heidi Hoste has been coming to Osco Church now for four years. She has volunteered for three years. She volunteers in the worship band, children’s committee, nursery, and the kids choir.

Heidi was led to Christ by a Christian kids’ camp leader when she was nine years old. She has six siblings. Heidi decided to come to Osco because she wanted to be involved with her community.

Heidi’s favorite foods are hamburgers and fries, her favorite color is red; she likes gymnastics. She and her husband, Keith, have five kids. She got into music because when she was little her family always sang songs. Heidi has been doing music for as long as she can remember. Her favorite instrument is the piano.



Denny Peterson has been coming to Osco for about forty years. He has been volunteering now for thirty years. Denny volunteers in the praise team, as a Sunday school teacher, and in Awana. His occupation is a farmer. His favorite food is burritos.  

Some of his hobbies are biking, playing music, and watching baseball. Denny’s favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. Every January he goes to Texas to visit his daughter & son-in-law and four grandkids. He has five children and eight grandchildren. He was born in Moline, IL. Denny has no pets. He served in the army reserves. Denny was led to Christ by an anonymous friend

CANDY SNOOK by Makenzie Johnston

Candy Snook has been attending Osco Community Church all her life. She volunteers in the nursery and women’s Bible studies because she loves babies, and has a passion for women to know the Lord. Her favorite thing about volunteering is having a lap full of babies, and watching women grow in their faith.

Candy’s hobbies include reading and playing flute/piano. Her favorite book is Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke, her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, and her favorite band is Rend Collective. Green is her preferred color, and her favorite food is fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.  When she was a child she wanted to be a nurse and a mom, which is what she currently is.

Candy will be celebrating her twentieth wedding anniversary with Wade Snook in August. They live in Cambridge with their five sons: Carter, Victor, Taylor, Tucker, and Gunner.

ROBIN TUTTLE by Makenzie Johnston

Robin Tuttle has been attending Osco Community Church since 1986, and has been serving in various areas from that time as well. She started volunteering in the two-three year old age group because there was a need and her children were around that age. Two’s and Three’s is her favorite area to serve in, and she loves it when kids who used to be in her classroom still give her hugs.

Robin’s hobbies include walking, planning lessons, and reading; her favorite book is The Little Princess. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite movie is While You Were Sleeping. She lives in Orion with her husband, Scott Tuttle, and her children are Jessica, Susan, and Michael.

CHUCK TUTTLE - by Kai Johnston

Chuck Tuttle has been going to Osco now for forty-five years. He volunteers with the food pantry, Awana, and as an usher. He has volunteered with the food pantry and Awana for ten years now. The reason he volunteers is because God wants us to help others.

Chuck became a Christian in 1972. He and his wife Vera have been married for sixty-four years and have two children. He has six grandchildren and seven great- grandchildren. They have lived in Florida, Indiana, Colorado, and Illinois. 

Chuck’s main hobby is sports. He enjoys baseball and his favorite team is the Pittsburgh Pirates. He and his wife enjoy eating out together and Christian concerts.

LISA UHLRY by Makenzie Johnston

Lisa Uhlry has been attending Osco Community Church for eight years. She volunteers in Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, and the Women’s retreats because that’s where she feels God has led her. It excites her to teach something new to a child and watch them get excited about it. Her favorite memory from serving is when the kids she taught in VBS carried a wooden cross on their backs.

Dan Uhlry is Lisa’s husband and they have been married for almost fifteen years. Lisa runs a daycare for children at her home in Cambridge. She used to attend Calvary Chapel and was lead to the Lord by the elder’s wives, pastor’s wives, and a women’s retreat that changed her life.

Lisa enjoys riding her bike, playing tennis, watching Football, and watching her son, Josh, play sports. Her favorite color is red and her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. Some of her favorite bands/musicians are Hillsong United, Jeremy Camp, Journey, and she loves 70’s music. Her favorite restaurant is In-N-Out burgers based in California, where she used to live.

DIANA WALLACE by Makenzie Johnston

Diana Wallace has been attending Osco Community Church for her entire life. She volunteers in Awana, Sunday school, and the ladies’ Bible studies. When asked why she serves, she answered that God has impressed it upon her. He has greatly impacted her life, and she loves telling about Him because it helps her grow in her faith. Diana hasn’t put a limit on her time volunteering because it never ends. The areas she serves in might change someday, but she has no plans to stop.

Diana lives on an old farm south of Geneseo with her husband, Fred Wallace. The couple has been married for thirty-eight years. They have four children whose names are Eric, Andy, Scott, and Audrey. 

Diana’s hobbies include baking, reading (Historical fiction, nonfiction, and mysteries), gardening, and biking. Her favorite movie is How the West Was Won, and her favorite books are the Bible, Nightingale, and The Chronicles of Narnia.